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All Scape offers indoor landscaping services throughout Gauteng and currently maintain the gardens and indoor plants of approximately 750 clients. Our sales consultants will assist you in selecting suitable plants and containers to enhance your environment.

Interior plants create a healthier indoor environment by increasing humidity and cleaning the air, leading to a reduction in headaches,skin problems and eye irritation. Research has shown that plants reduce stress levels, improve creativity and concentration as well as decreasing absenteeism.In short, plants enhance our mood and improve our general performance.

All interior plant material is specially conditioned for the office environment and planted into sealed liners, which are placed into decorative containers of your choice.

Our indoor service takes place on a weekly basis, and includes cleaning foliage, watering, regular feeding, and trimming foliage when necessary, cleaning and turning of pots, plants are replaced as and when necessary at no additional cost.

Indoor Maintenance

  • Takes place on a weekly basis
  • Cleaning foliage
  • Watering
  • Regular feeding
  • Trimming foliage when necessary
  • Cleaning and turning of pots
  • Plants are replaced as and when necessary at no additional cost